Solux Series All in One Integrated Solar LED Street Light with Remote Control

Integrated all in one design with  lamp fixture, PV panel and lithium battery. Equipped with motion sensor and remote control. High luminous efficacy up to 190lm/W.
  • Nominal Wattage40W-120W
  • Solar PanelMonocrystalline Silicon 18V 65W-140W
  • Working Time12-15h@cloudy
  • Charging Time6-8h
  • LED Light SourceBridgelux
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    Product Summary:
    The Realshine Solux Series Solar LED Street Light presents an all-in-one design that includes the lamp fixture, lithium battery, and photovoltaic panel, making installation a breeze. It boasts of energy-efficiency and a longer lifespan even during cloudy or rainy days with its motion sensor and remote control features.

    Solar Panel — Monocrystalline Silicon boasts an impressive 21% energy efficiency. With a lifespan of 25 years, it also offers excellent resistance to aging and corrosion, requiring little to no maintenance for decades to come.

    Lithium Battery — Long Lifespan, with over 2000 deep cycles. High charging efficiency and low self-discharge rate ensure optimal performance. The battery pack is expertly designed to meet your needs.

    MPPT Controller — Additional 25% energy harvesting from sunshine. 95% charging efficiency, smart DC-DC converter.

    LED Light Source — Branded LED chips with a luminous efficacy of 170-190lm/watt are complemented by a high transmittance lens and a modular design, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

    product explosive diagram of Realshine Solux Series Solar Street Light
    Features and Advantages:

    • All in one design, integrated with solar panel, lithium-ion battery and controller.
    • The luminous efficacy is up to 210lm/W.
    • Mono crystalline solar panel ensures 21% photoelectric conversion efficiency.
    • Detachable LiFePO4 battery kit, proper for international shipping.
    • 3-5 days cloudy/rainy days autonomy.
    • Remote controller, up to 30 meters.
    • Flexible & Customized Working Modes with timer and motion sensor.
    • P66& IK10.

    Product Details:

    product details of Realshine Solux Series Solar Street Light

    • Battery Pack Replaceable — The battery box can be easily detached, making maintenance a breeze.
    • Adjustable Bracket — The bracket is designed with a 90° adjustable angle, making it versatile for both vertical and horizontal installation methods on lamp poles.
    • Magnet Power Switch — When the magnetic iron plaster is attached, the power is disactivated. So before mounting the luminaire on the pole, take away magnet iron paster.
    • Motion Sensor — By detecting human movement, the lamp body automatically adjusts its brightness, resulting in longer lighting time and increased energy savings.
    • High strength Aluminum Alloy Frame — With an external impact protection rating (IK10) that stands out as the highest, this light is truly versatile and can be placed in any kind of space. Its IP65 rating also guarantees dust-tightness and resistance to water jets, further enhancing its durability.
    • Smart Remote Control — Equipped with a cutting-edge 433 remote control, our product features a highly advanced drone remote control solution. With a remarkable remote control distance of up to 30 meters, it can seamlessly penetrate obstacles and provide optimal control of your device. Moreover, it facilitates the control of multiple lamps simultaneously, thereby enhancing user convenience.
    • Battery Power Indicators — The upper row of 4 blue LEDs indicates the LiFePO4 battery life, with each LED representing 25% of power.
    • System Status Indicators — The lower row of 4 LEDs indicates the working status of motion sensor, LED, lithium battery power, solar PV panel, and battery cable connection, etc.

    Package Description:
    Split packaging is utilized for high-powered lighting fixtures.
    Packaging method of Realshine Solux Series Solar Street Light

    Application Senarios:
    application scenarios of Realshine Solux Series Solar Street Light

    Model All Series(40W~120W)
    CCT 2700K-6500K
    CRI Ra>70
    Luminous Efficacy 170-190lm/W
    Charging Time 6-8h
    Working Time 12-15h@cloudy, 10-12h@rainy
    Body Sensor 160°>9m , Activated by customer’s need
    PV Panel Type Monocrystalline Silicon
    Battery Type LiFePO4
    Battery Power Indicator 100%-75%-50%-25%
    Fault Indicator Red/Blue/Green
    Mounting Caliber 70-76mmsuggestion
    Working Temp. 25~ +65
    Protection Rating IP65, IK10
    Warranty 3 years / 5 years

    Model Solux-40W Solux-50W Solux-60W Solux-80W Solux-100W Solux-120W
    Rated Power 40W 50W 60W 80W 100W 120W
    PV Panel Power 18V 65W 18V 70W 18V 80W 18V 100W 18V 130W 18V 140W
    Lithium Battery 12.8V 28Ah 12.8V 36Ah 12.8V 42Ah 12.8V 57Ah 12.8V 63Ah 12.8V 72Ah
    LED(Bridgelux) 3030/96pcs 3030/144pcs 3030/144pcs 3030/192pcs 3030/240pcs 3030/288pcs
    Mounting Height 6-7m 6-8m 6-8m 8-9m 9-11m 10-12m
    Package Size(mm) 920*160*450 1140*160*450 1620*100*450 &
    1940*100*450 &
    Gross Weight 12.2kg 14kg 14.5kg 11.2kg+8.5k g 12.5kg+9.7k g 12.5kg+10.3kg

    dimension of Realshine Solux Series Solar Street Light
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